Primary 4 Room 4

This is general information about Miss Miller’s class.

PE kit will be needed on a Monday afternoon and a Wednesday morning. Please encourage your child to pack the correct kit the night before.

Homework will be issued each night.

Your child may have been given specific instructions for homework that there isn’t room to write in the diary – please encourage them to tell you about it.

There may be other, longer tasks and these will be detailed in your child’s homework diary.

Once the homework is complete, please initial the diary to show that you have seen it.

The ‘How was my day’ section should have a coloured dot in it to indicate where they ended the day. The front of the diary has an explanation of the colours.

Please use the diary as a communication tool to pass messages to the school.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything in the class, please contact the school and we can arrange an appointment to discuss things as soon as possible.