Internet Safety for Parents

In this digital age, we are lucky enough to have great technology that keeps us in touch with each other at the press of a button. Sadly, with anything wonderful, there’s always people who find a way to use it to make our lives a little bit more difficult.

For our children, and parents, in Castlefield we are only too aware of how Social Media and Mobile phone technology can cause problems with the good relationships we encourage our children to develop.

‘Cyberbullying’ is a real issue for people today and at Castlefield we want to give our children the skills to deal with it if it happens to them.

The first way we can help children is by helping Parents. We want to give you the help, advice and links to make your home technology as safe as possible.

We have gathered information from a number of sites that may help you to look at your child’s Internet use and help them to make it as responsible as possible. It has been split into sections according to age group and issue.

Please look at the links or ask in school for more advice.


CEOP Parent Info

How old does your child have to be?

Vodafone Digital Parenting

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